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tv   Comunidad del Valle  NBC  January 22, 2012 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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>> the micro branch is a credit union that is helping the poor in east san hoe say. she is a director. give us your tight physical you can. >> i am a director. >> i have been calling it a bank, but this is is a credit union and we have video that we shot a while back on the micro branch here. there it is. what's unique about this? we did the story because a lot of ceos said we want to invest in this. >> the micro branch, what is unique is we are designed from
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beginning to end with the working family in mind. so specifically those families that are living paycheck to paycheck that don't have necessarily a safety cushion saifd nup a savings account. and yet still need day to day financial services. so we really try to think about how to best serve that family. everything from where we're located, the look and feel, the kinds of products and services we offer. we're open until 7:00 p.m. we understand that families who are working one, two, three, four jobs among the adults of the household need an option that is friendly, accessible and convenient and really taylors to their needs. >> if you look at the video, you are helping folks who are -- they have some money but they don't have a lot of money. your branch is helping them save a little bit of money.
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this isn't who your target audience is. it looks like a check cashing place and that's the intent. >> we try to look and feel like a check casher from the outside. so people who are looking to cash their check will walk into our doors and won't be intimidated. that's not the case for us. if you walk into our doors, we will talk to you about cashing your check and do it with responsible rates relative to east san jose, but we will start to plant that seed and say we are happy to cash that for you but you might want to think about a savings account. we just celebrated our second year anniversary. so now we have members who were check cashing clients, now members with a savings account and now they have a direct deposit and now they have a my piggy bank saved up for the end of year spending that they need
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to do and a fresh start credit builder loan. and those are real stories from folks who would go a check casher, cash and check and be done with it. we provide the steppingstones that go from unbanked, underbanked, paying my bills with cash, slowly walking with them along their journey so now they have a checking account. maybe they have online banking. so you can get there but it needs to be a barrage wall process. >> it's not an easy sell. >> it isn't. and what we have learned at the branch listening to their stories is look, it's not necessarily intuitive or straightforward to go from handling cash only. right? if you have a debit card, maybe you know and maybe you don't and there is holds you have to take into account and that requires somebody to hold your hand a
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little bit, explain the process and here is what happens on the back end. here is how it works. here is what you want to watch out for. is that helpful hand to say that we understand it's not easy to go from the cash based world to the debit card based world but we're here to help you make that transition. >> we invited her here to the show because we know they are doing great and important work and it's something that our community needs to know more about. do you fore shee two, three micro branchs spread out across the bay area? >> we are really excited about the branch. this is the pilot. we have learned so much. and the goal absolutely is to grow in san jose and don't better serve that community and to be able to have micro branchs next to all of our other credit unions within self-help federal.
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we are working hard to get there. >> the other way to sell it is you have to staff it with the right people. establish trust so they can say okay, you can have my money. >> with what we do is try to look for people who are mission aligned. people who understand the bigger investigation of we're trying to serve clients around what they need today. whether they want to buy a money order or cash a check or maybe open a savings account, we want to serve them in the most respectful, professional non-judgmental way so that we can then talk about asset building accounts and loans.
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that really have to be a part of that person so that when we are serving our clients or members or something goes wrong and the member is upset with us fwhaz don't understand, they're talking to somebody who is empathetic, respectful understanding and professional. >> if you have family hiding that money under a mattress srks there another number they can call? >> they should call. call us at the branch directly. somebody will pick up and talk to them. >> ask for diane. she will be there and receive you with a smile. >> that's right. >> my plez. thank you. >> up ce voixts voices of latin rock and more. what would you call an ordinary breakfast pastry that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun.
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